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Christmas Party Fun•Ideas For Teens & Tweens

In years past, we have hosted small Christmas gatherings. During such a fun season, it can be difficult to know how to cater to teen/tween girls. Here are some fun ideas.

Have The Tree/Decorations Up & Play Christmas Music! 

Play A Fast Paced Game

The candy canes in the bucket on the table doubled as a Minute To Win It challenge. We dumped the candy canes out, and the girls could use anything but their hands to pick up the candy canes and place them into their own buckets. The goal? Have the most candy canes in your pile by at the end of one minute.

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Make a cool craft

Here’s what you need to make beautiful ornaments:

Glass ornaments – Clear & Fillable

Fine Glitter

Paint Pens 

Mop & Glo

All you need to do is lightly coat the inside of the ornament with Mop & Glo by rolling it around in your hands (DO NOT SHAKE). Pour out excess.

Pour in your glitter and gently roll to coat the inside of the ornament.

Let dry for a bit and use paint pens to write on the ornament. These are simple and beautiful.

Create A Photo Booth

All you need is an inexpensive vinyl table cloth to hang as a back drop and some cute decorations. If you like my Santa’s Laundry Line, here’s where you can get your own.

Grab some cute Christmas Photo Props, and let the kiddos have a blast snapping photos!

Have A Simple Party Favor!

We wrapped chocolate bars in white paper and then gave them snowman faces and a cute hat made from Christmas socks!

As girls enter the in between stage of growing up, it can be difficult to find things that everyone will enjoy, but these simple ideas were fun and definitely helped to create a successful party! Have fun!

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  1. Love those favours and photos props! I don’t have any teens or tweens, but I think those will still be great for me! #TwinklyTuesday

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