Inexpensive Fall Fun: Plus some new recipe links!

It’s gotten rainy and cold in around here, but we had a beautiful weekend filled with family and friends.

Friday, we had a late bonfire with roasted (or incinerated, depending on your preference) marshmallows. Em road her bike around in the dark because daddy affixed a “headlight” to it.

When kids ask for a drill to “carve” a pumpkin, you give them what they want. Matt is always willing to oblige this type of thing, so we gave them the drill and let them go. Look how awesome the pumpkin looks, too!

Okay, as mom, I was volunteered to clean the disgusting smelling, slimy guts from the pumpkin. But the pumpkin seeds turned out amazing. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve had luck with them. I used this recipe for Ranch Pumpkin Seeds

Saturday morning is usually pancake morning. I make a double batch of pancakes and for the end of the batter Matt always insists that the last pancake is enormous. He gets to eat that one. 🙂 I use Aldi’s gluten free baking mix.


Saturday, I went to a beautiful baby shower. Matt stayed home and helped the oldest finish her project for wood shop and our littlest work on her princess pumpkin.



For dinner Saturday night we had BBQ pork, sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli and cauliflower. I tried this new recipe for roasted sweet potatoes and I LOVE IT!! They crisp up and caramelize so nicely.


Sunday we spent time with family. I came home and made our favorite baked oatmeal for breakfasts for the week (recipe to come!!). Someone snuck a taste in the corner, I see.

This last photo is a little out of focus, but it was my personal favorite part of the weekend. The first new Hallmark Christmas movie of the season aired Sunday night! Han and I love them and we pulled out blankets and pillows and started the holiday season off right…Don’t worry, she wasn’t on her phone the WHOLE time. We really cherish that time together.

I didn’t get pictures of everything this weekend. I’m still trying to stay unplugged, but that’s a little glimpse into our world this fall. I love having normal, run of the mill days.

Life is beautiful.


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