Stop Checking Boxes & Posts – Start Checking On Your People

I am Type A.

The success of a day can often depend on how many items I check off my to-do list.

As a family we are still clawing our way back to normalcy – a different normalcy – but our normal nonetheless. If you haven’t caught up on our recent life events, you can find it here, here and here. And some of my latest feelings here.

I like getting up early and going to bed late. So – you can do the math on how much sleep I actually get…not a lot. However – it’s been really nice to get back into my normal routine.



Today looked like this:

5:30am  Get up and exercise, feed the cat

6:30am  Make baked oatmeal for a meeting & scrambled eggs for the kids.

6:45am  Get ready, wake up 12 year old, serve breakfast, beg six year old to get dressed

Read Bible/work on study

7:45am Take 12 year old to school, 6 year old is on her second outfit but has on no shoes

8:00am  Back home, finish getting ready, do the dishes, help 6 year old with outfit changes 3 & 4.

Create intricate hairstyle requested by 6 year old who still can’t find her shoes. (They’re in her shoe bin.) Give in and get said child her shoes. 

8:30am  Make coffee, pack bags, take 6 year old to school.

8:50am  Come back home to gather food and papers for meeting, make a bed or two, wipe toothpaste out of the sink, chat with a friend en route to meeting.

9:30-12:45  Meeting with people I love to be with!

1:10pm  Home for quick lunch, more coffee, and outfit change for me this time! This weather is hot and cold (like my mood).

1:45pm  Head up to the elementary school to help with the book fair. (I secretly love the book fair.)

3:40pm  Home, snacks, homework, catch up on the day, empty book bags. I LOVE hearing the details and seeing their work!

4:00pm   Start dinner – chili & corn bread.

5:15pm  Matt’s home & we eat.

5:45pm  Crash hard on the couch.


Thinking of all the things that still need done.

Stare at my phone screen.

6:30pm  After Matt has cleaned the kitchen for me (love him), I make cupcakes….Because…cupcakes.

7:20pm  Eat 4 mini cupcakes.

7:25pm  Feel ashamed for eating 4 mini cupcakes.

7:30pm  Tired.

Do not want to talk.

Do not want to clean.

Do not want to work.


8:15pm  Let 6 year old skip her bath because….*see above*

Suddenly reminded how much I want to have face to face interaction with my family.

8:20pm Read books/devotional time with kids, spend some time laughing together

8:45pm Put 6 year old to bed 45 minutes later than intended.

9:00pm Spend time talking with 12 year old about feelings and fears.

10:00pm House is quiet. I am tired. Decide to write.

Think about the stack of paper in the bin next to me. Paper that needs my attention.

Tomorrow is already full.

Should I just forget sleep? Work on it now? I mean – who isn’t the sharpest while paying bills on 4 hours of sleep at 10pm?

11:15pm Try to proof and then schedule this blog post and hopefully go to bed!

This is pretty typical for me. I start running hard – and after dinner – I’m useless – but stay up too late anyway.

I confess – I’ll pick up my iPad and completely zone out when I’m tired and want to relax.

I don’t like myself during those times.

I want to be engaging with my husband and kids in the evenings.

I want to read more.

I don’t want to be ruled by my task list.

I’m sharing with you today – hoping that at least some of you can relate to my shortcomings; tell me I’m not alone.

I’m sharing with you for accountability – and with hope that you might come with me on this journey I’m beginning now – with small tangible goals this week.

Ugh – typing it – posting it – means I have to do it.


I’m committing  unplug from my phone/iPad/computer from 6-9pm unless it involves engaging with my family.

That’s really embarrassing, isn’t it? That I have to publicly declare to unplug for just 3 hours?

Ugh – Well, it’s true. I really struggle with it. Some of you don’t – and I admire that. But – for those of you who can relate –  I invite you to join me.

This doesn’t mean I have to clean or pay bills or check boxes. I can still relax. Maybe even read a little.

I just want to be present with my family.

We’ve been through a lot. They need me to be 100% available. I need them.

Ok – so that’s my first commitment. Since I’m not telling my family what I’m doing (unless they sneak a peak at the blog), I’ll check back with updates and additions as the week progresses.

Small changes can make the largest impact.

Want to see what happened next? Check it out here.




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