Candy Corn Man Craft

Okay, how cute is this little guy? I have to be honest with you. While I really love that my kids get to dress up and Trick or Treat each year, I am not at all a fan of the scary, evil, ghost and demon side of Halloween. Maybe I’m just a big baby, and I am totally okay with that – but I’m not into it, and neither is the rest of my family.

So, a couple years ago, when I volunteered to do the craft for my daugter’s school party, I just wanted something cute.

Because of my love for candy corn that I shared in an earlier post, this little guy just stole my heart!

Follow this link to make your own class craft!

Recommendation: I know at our parties, we are often short on time. I recommend, depending on the age of the kiddos you are working with, having a sandwich bag for each child containing all of the pieces of their Candy Corn Man. You can assemble as much or as little as you wish according to what works best with your group!

And of course, always have a sample available for the kids to look to for help.

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