3 Ingredient Butterfinger Bark

Candy Corn lovers and haters unite!

I promise, even if you’re not a fan of candy corn, you’ll like these!

I happen to love Candy Corn…Candy Corn M&M’s and cute little Candy Corn Crafts! (I’ll share one I did for a school party with you soon.)

But I know not everyone loves it. So if you make this for a hater…just don’t tell them…because they’ll love this treat!

This recipe contains only 3 ingredients, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and Candy Corn – and you don’t have to turn on your oven! Win win!

Get the recipe here.

P.S. I just need to say…those pumpkins they sometimes throw in with the Candy Corn mix? Thumbs down. Those are just not okay. 🙂

Happy no-baking!