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My Top 6 Favorite Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

I like natural remedies. I also support the medical community. I’m a middle of the road kind of girl. If I can stay healthy naturally, I’m going to do it, but I’m extremely thankful for the advanced medical care we have available to us.

I do get frustrated, however, that much the medical community not only dismisses natural remedies, but it seems as though no one wants to put money into studying them in order to see if, in fact, we can sometimes avoid prescriptions and trips to the doctor. Maybe even stop an illness before it starts.

So before I begin, I have to give you the standard disclaimer:

I’m not a doctor.

Do not take this as a substitution for medical advice.

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Use your judgement.

I’m simply sharing with you my absolute favorite home remedies for when we are coming down with or have been exposed to something that we don’t want to get.

I truly believe these work, and even better if caught right at the beginning of illness or just after being exposed to something.

Here are my 6 Favorite Natural Cold and Flu Remedies:


Sometimes I drink Emergen-C as my multivitamin just to keep my immune system strong. I like using it because it also helps me to drink my water – which I struggle with.  My favorite nutritionist told me she likes the product as well.

I also give this product to my kids. One of my kids does not like the taste and will just take a Vitamin C supplement instead. They also make one specifically for children (Emergen-C for Kids.)

If I’m feeling sick – I’ll drink two per day.

Sam’s Club usually has a great price on these.

Zinc Lozenges

I love these as an immune booster. You can get store brand versions at any store. When I’m starting to feel sick, or for the duration of a cold, I’ll take one after each meal until I start to feel better. I like the ones I linked because they also include echinacea, another immune booster. If you’d rather not have that, grab one with just Zinc. Even Webmd gives some credit to the remedy.

Make sure you take these AFTER a meal or it WILL make you nauseous. They also can have a metallic taste.


Ok – this one is a little weird – but I swear by it. There was a doctor who once thought that cold and flu viruses started in the ears. In theory, killing bacteria in the ears should stop the growth of bacteria that makes you sick. So, when I’m feeling sick, I put a few drops of peroxide in each ear and drain when it stops bubbling. Then I repeat on the other side. I do this daily while I’m sick or for a few days if I’m trying to avoid illness. I also gargle it using the instructions on the bottle.

I use this remedy on one of my children – the other one doesn’t like the feeling. My husband feels really dizzy and off-balance – so he doesn’t use this remedy. If you think your equilibrium might be thrown off with this remedy or you have a tendency to struggle with vertigo – don’t use it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I don’t think I really need to explain this one. Apple cider vinegar is hugely popular right now (organic with “The Mother”). It’s really good for you. I put a tablespoon or two in my Emergen-C when I’m wanting to strengthen my immune system (you can do it every day and you’ll see many benefits). If I do this, I’ll add honey or some xylitol to sweeten it a little.

Do not take ACV on an empty stomach (You will throw up – I learned this the hard way) or in undiluted form. If you drink ACV undiluted it can damage your esophagus  and your tooth enamel.

You can buy this one pensively at Aldi – organic AND with the “Mother”- or you can find it on Amazon at the link provided  and most grocery stores .

Pineapple Juice

This is the oldest remedy I’ve stuck with. When I’m feeling sick with respiratory stuff, I drink – A LOT – of pineapple juice. The jury is our in the medical community, but when you try it, there is no doubt that, at minimum, this REALLY helps a sore throat. Pineapple contains bromelain which has anti inflammatory properties. It also contains a lot of vitamin C which definitely doesn’t hurt.

100% Grape Juice

This remedy can only be used as a PREVENTATIVE AFTER EXPOSURE.

This one works to prevent the stomach virus after you have been around someone who is sick.

When you have been exposed to a stomach virus, buy 100% grape juice and drink it. How much is up to you…we will usually have 8-12 oz a day. (It’s really high in sugar so I don’t recommend it otherwise. In fact – we don’t drink juice in our house except for when avoiding sickness or on special occasions). This remedy has worked for us many many times.

DO NOT DRINK GRAPE JUICE IF YOU ARE ALREADY HAVING ANY SYMPTOMS OF A STOMACH VIRUS. You will throw up grape juice. Rocket science right there.

If you’re looking for a ton of documented scientific studies on home remedies, you’re not going to find them. They just aren’t available. But, you can inexpensively try these remedies and I think you’ll be glad you did!

They have absolutely helped us!

2 thoughts on “My Top 6 Favorite Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

  1. I now swear by your pineapple juice remedy – and yes, it does help that sore throat feeling too. And we have tried the grape juice as well, when we’ve known the stomach bug was going around in preschool. This reminds me that I want to grab some of these to have on hand “just in case”. Have you tried any essential oils or anything like that? Just curious. I love my “flu shot in a bottle” blend for when I’m feeling those tingles of a sore throat and I think it works, even if it is just the comfort and warmth the aroma makes me feel.

    1. Thank you, Jackie!! I have used essential oils. I like thieves on the feet and I used my sister’s diffuser when Hannah was sick before her surgery. I like using them, but I feel like they can get expensive and people are less able to just run to the store and grab them in a pinch. I’ve been using these ones for years and they’re pretty easy…but I am an essential oils fan too.

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