What I Want My Kids To Achieve This School Year

We actually pretended it wasn’t coming.

The last month of summer vacation has been bit difficult for our family. I’ll share more on that sometime later.

So – we pretended school wasn’t starting and we crammed in a much fun as we could. We swam so much the hair dresser wrinkled her nose in scorn. She practically forced me to buy a clarifying shampoo that should have been laced with gold. We went to amusement parks and waterfalls. We spent time with friends and family. We stayed up late and slept in. (Some of us went a little crazy from sibling rivalry but we shall keep everyone anonymous here.) We went to the library and camps and to the city. It was incredible and we loved it.

So, we pretended it wasn’t coming.

But – today came. The first day of school. Junior High for the oldest, first grade for the baby.

Astonishingly – there were no jitters. No arguments. Just calm excitement for the new year to begin.

Now – mama went all crazy, realized her car keys must’ve vaporized the minute it was time to leave the house, missed her babies by 8:45am and was shedding a tear or two before 9am. Just keeping it real here.

But – the paper has come home before and it came home again today. The paper the parent fills out about the child’s strengths and goals.

“What are your goals for your child this year?”

I always answer something similar and, oddly enough, I always feel like it’s not the answer I’m supposed to give because, well…

It’s not an academic achievement I’m truly hoping for.

Yes I want my children to grow academically. I want them to thrive and push themselves. I went them to be in competition with themselves – with a passion to learn. But, that’s not the answer that I hold deep in my heart – so that’s not what I write on that form.

The answer is the same for both of my children:

My goal for my child is that she will learn to always look out for and welcome the child who feels lonely.

I want my kids to be aware of the hurting around them. I want them to be brave in their love for others. I want them to be kind – more than I want them to be the top achievers in their classes.

Character is more important.

And that is my top goal, no, my prayer for my kids this year.

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