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Communicating With God When You’re Distracted

Over the past 4 years, I’ve become even more passionate about understanding the Bible.  I’m a life-long student and I love learning, especially the Word of God. It is amazing to me, because it’s always new and you can never reach the bottom of what it has to offer.

That said – I have a hard time sitting still to organize my thoughts in order to pray. I know that might seem silly to some of you. Maybe you rattle off your prayers as you drift off to sleep or when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I do that too. There came a time in my life, though, where I was wanting something a little more depth than just rattling off my needs to Him like a “honey-do list.”

It didn’t feel like much of a relationship, and I didn’t want my connection with God to mimic a genie granting wishes.

I have learned in my favorite Bible study (Community Bible Study) a way to pray that I use at home most days in my own personal devotional time – but with a little twist.

I use a notebook, but I don’t “journal” in the traditional sense of the word. I mostly jot down bulleted ideas.

So, here’s how I do it as a busy and distracted mom, wife, volunteer…etc.



This is where I start. Praising God. But, I found this to be difficult for me. I normally launched straight into my to-do list for God. (I still struggle with that sometimes.) Praising God is not thanking Him. It is acknowledging His strength, power, goodness and other attributes. I felt like I didn’t even have an adequate vocabulary to do this. So, I went to the Psalms. And still do. Each day I usually read through a Psalm (you don’t have to do it this way!) and write down a verse that praises God for who He is. They are written so beautifully and truly express How I feel in words far beyond my ability to put together.

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1

Praise the Lord for the Lord is Good. Celebrate His lovely name with music. Psalm 135:3


This one is hard. I list the things for which I need forgiveness. Sometimes I have trouble thinking of things because…I don’t want to! Usually I’m asking for forgiveness of being too impatient and snippy with my children…Pretty much every day, if you must know.

It’s humbling.


Here’s where I list the things for which I’m thankful to God…and it’s so good for my soul. It allows me to see God’s hand in the every day and the mundane.


After all of that (which really only takes a couple of minutes) I pray over my requests while listing them in my notebook. Sometimes I want to rush to this part, but my heart is always in a better place when I finish the first three steps.

I love looking back through my notebook and seeing those lists of prayers, and being reminded of how God answers every single one! Sometimes those prayers end up on my list day after day after day…but He always answers them.


I can take my time doing this, or if my children are sounding the alarms for breakfast, I can do it quickly.  I’ll sometimes add other verses that I love, depending on what book I’m reading through.

I find that when I can’t get to this for a day or two – I miss it. I crave it.

But know this: I do not beat myself up if I miss a day. Spending time with God isn’t about legalism or checking a box, it’s about a relationship and really knowing Him.

This has really helped me to grow in my faith. I’d really love to hear how you do your devotions! New ideas are always awesome!



Note: Community Bible Study is a nondenominational Bible Study that studies the Bible in-depth. It has been life changing for me (and the childcare is incredible). They meet in host churches all over the WORLD (but are not affiliated with a denomination). I included the link if you’re interested in finding one near you. I’d love to save you a seat!