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Easy Inexpensive Homemade Sunscreen

If you’ve ever bought into the hype of how dangerous bottled sunscreens are, this post is for you!

We still use the bottled sunscreens, because sometimes it’s unavoidable and the natural stuff is SO expensive. This post will show you a step by step how-to…that will literally take less than 10 minutes to make.

One bag of zinc oxide power will last a VERY long time, making your sunscreen safe and inexpensive.

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This recipe will give you about a 40 SPF sunscreen.


Always test your sunscreen for short periods or in a small area to make sure it works for you. Use all products carefully. While working with Zinc Oxide you might want to wear a mask as to not breathe in the particles.

  1. Melt all ingredients except for zinc oxide in a double broiler.
  2. Carefully add in your zinc oxide and whisk well.
  3. To emulsify, you may opt to put the mixture into a food processor or Ninja 
  4. If you use beeswax, pour into a shallow jar. If you don’t use beeswax, you can use an inexpensive squeeze tube (or even a spray bottle!)

Please make sure you’re careful when pouring or handling your double broiler! The mixture is HOT! I’m loving my new Ikea silicone oven mitts. I haven’t bought new ones since I got married years ago!

I loved the thicker texture of this sunscreen with the added beeswax (but I’ve also made sunscreen without it and it’s fine!). It will also stay on MUCH better in the water if you add the beeswax. I know this, because, while washing all my utensils, the water is just beading up!

Have fun and good luck. Let me know if you have ever made you own sunscreen or if you try this recipe. It’s simple!



Special thanks to my girl HT for filming and editing.